Friday, 7 September 2012

Image Transfer Tutorial, by Denyse

Hiya crafty friends,

Our September Challenge went live last Saturday, and we are very lucky to have the wonderful Scrapper Delights owner, Janice, design some gorgeous digi stamps exclusively for us, which are now on sale in her store

If you have not seen them, pop over to our challenge blog to take a peek, and while your there why not take part in the challenge too?

As always, our fantastic Design Team gave us some wonderful inspiration, and Denyse also shown us how she used here digi stamp a little differently. She has very kindly, made us a tutorial on how it was done.

So it is over to you Denyse...

Image Transfers

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to transfer a printed Digi image on to fabric.

Items required
Digital image printed in black by inkjet or laser printer
Material you wish to transfer the image on to (I use Cotton muslin or calico)
Claudine Hellmuth's studio multi-medium matte
Flat paintbrush
Non stick mat
A brayer or rolling pin


1.I like to prepare my material by painting it with a thin even coating of the multi medium and leaving it on a non stick mat to dry (do not leave on paper as it will stick!) this not a necessity though and you can go straight to step 2!

2.To begin cut or tear around your image as close to the printed area as you can without cutting into the design.

3.Place the image on your non stick mat printed side up and paste the medium over it evenly. You need good coverage but not enough to make the paper soggy.

4.Turn the image over and position on your material (coated side down on to the material)and roll over firmly with your brayer.

5.Leave the image to dry thoroughly.

6.Once dry, spray the image lightly with water (or flick with fingers) and then GENTLY rub over the image in a circular motion. The paper will begin to rub off. Be patient and gentle at this stage, don't be tempted to use a brush or any other tool. I like to take time over this stage, letting the image dry and then going back to it and wetting and rubbing it again.  Leave the image to dry, if you have left any paper you will be able to see that the image still looks "Cloudy", and slightly opaque.

  1. Continue with step 6 until you are happy with your image.

Remember if you choose printed words you will need to reverse them before printing as placing the image face down reverses it.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please pop over to my blog and i will be happy to help you!
Denyse x

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