Thursday, 10 May 2012

I am finding my wings (Creativity Club Prompt #9)

Todays blog prompt is based on quotes.
 Find your favourite quote and blog about it.
Who was the quote by? Does the quote make you smile? reflect on life? Get you crafting mojo going?

Hiya Crafty friends,

I have posted this quote before, when I was taking part in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, but as I still feel this quote is very poignant to me at this moment in my life, I really wanted to use it again

Butterflies are also my all time favourite subject matter when crafting, as you may have already noticed :) I just love using them and they are always my go to when I am struggling.

So, with that in mind I though I go back a look at some of my butterfly projects I have posted on here in the past

...I told you I liked them :)

It's funny isn't it? I forgot I had made some of these, so it was lovely going back over some of my old makes.

Now you know that my go to in crafting is butterflies, but what is your? I'd love for you to comment with yours, as it may give us all inspiration :)

Happy crafting
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  1. Brilliant! I LOVE that you have looked at past projects and re-ignited the inspiration and memories. Well done!!

  2. Lovely projects! I especially love the second from the top with just one blue butterfly. I have a bit of a thing for butterflies too, and flowers. Ax

  3. Lovely quote and fab cards xx


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