Friday, 11 May 2012

What makes you smile (Creativity Club prompt #10)

Creativity Club Prompt #10
What makes you smile?
Is it a product? a crafty friend? a particular blog? An event? Your family?
Blog about what makes you smile.

Hiya crafty friends,

What makes my smile? 

It's won't be my crafty makes today, as something today actually made me smile. It is my mum's birthday and my 9 year nephew Myles is staying with us whilst his mum and dad are at work. The poor things has been up all night with an ear ache, but that hasn't stopped him , as he has been crafting away making lots of birthday goodies for his Nana.

So our guest blogger today is Myles...

Happy crafting



  1. Oh what a lovely lot of goodies for nana ! They are beautiful Myles.

  2. These are fabulous Myles, I hope you feel better soon.

    Linda xxx

  3. Beautiful.... well done Myles...I hope your earache is getting better x

  4. well done myles im sure that the will be treasured by your nana

  5. What a lovely lot of goodies for your Nana. I also hope your earache goes soon


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