Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another chapter in my crafting (Prompt #8)

Today's blog prompt is:
"What book are you reading at the moment? Share a project inspired by this book"

Hiya crafty friends,

Today prompt was a little hard for me, as I don't read that many books. But  this prompt has inspired me to start to re-read my favourite book again, which is Pride and Prejudice
When I first got this book, I didn't think I would would be able to get into it, but I absolutely love it!!!! I get drawn into the story every time I read it, and you do begin to understand Mr Darcy, and why he acts the way he does.

Not only is this my favourite book, but it is also my favourite TV series/film too. I can almost re-site it word for word, I have watched it that many time. Colin Firth's Mr Darcy is so well acted, and so true to the character in the book. It's the first DVD I pull out if I am having a bad day, and it never fails to cheer me up.

The project I have created , which has been inspired by this book, is a digital scrapbook page. 
I have used the 'Craft Artist' software to make it.
I very rarely scrapbook, so this made a lovely change and I really enjoyed putting it together.

I used a mixture of elements from different digi-kits, and found the illustrations on the internet. No, Pride and Prejudice project would be complete without incorporating the most famous line, which I added in the form of a pinned note in the centre.

I think this prompt may inspire me to do more digi-scrapbooking, as I quite enjoyed the process. Plus, I had convince myself I couldn't scrapbook very well, and I am not saying I am an expert in it, but I don't think I am quite as bad as I thought I was :)

Happy crafting
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  1. Lovely, very lovely indeed. I read P&P at least twice a year. I can see how it inspired this layout.

    Love it!!!


  2. Debbi love this, very pretty and elegant, love the book too xx

  3. Wow, what a beautiful scrapbook page, I love it. Have never read P&P although I'm an avid book-reader, in fact haven't read any of the classics (they remind me of school). However if this is as good as you say, I may have to try it!

  4. That is a really beautiful layout.............and it encapsulates the whole Pride and Prejudice theme........... You obviously love the book and the characters within it..........

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  5. ahhh hun this is amazing, what a stunning page. Just love it, look forward to see more scrap ;-) xxx

  6. Stunning it looks so 3 dimensional. Loving the layout.

    Linda xxx

  7. Lovely project. I never seem to use my Craft artist as much as I should but projects like yours make me want to start to use it again

  8. Really pretty, lace is very on-trend too :-)

  9. Lovely layout! I haven't tried digiscrapping, but you've inspired me to have a go. It might be the only way I get any crafting done until my baby's a bit older!


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