Saturday, 5 May 2012

Help! What is my style???? (Prompt #4)

Hiya crafty friends,

Today's prompt is all about style! Write about your style of craft.

Hmmmmm, write about my styles. But what is my style? To be honest, I don't know, but leaving at that would make a very boring post wouldn't! So can I figure out my own style, well lets see.

Well, I never think of myself of having 'a style' a such, as I like giving everything a go really. I do know I don't like anything too fussy, but then again I can look at some shabby chic projects and love them. I think I'm just a complicated!

Lets look back at some of my makes I have posted on here and see if we can dig out 'my style'

This one was from my very first blog post (Awww, I still love that stamp!). 
But what style is it? It's very feminine, floral, cute, distress inks.

 Hmmmm, let's look at another...
Feminine again, but it was for a baby girl, so had to be really :) Clean lines and use of only two colours.

Nope, still not sure. Lets have a look at one more

Masculine, dark colours, distressing, stamping 

Hmmm, that didn't clear much up did it? Have I got a style? Like I said at the beginning, I don't think I have. I just really enjoy doing crafts esp papercrafts. So I think my style is 'Jack of all trade, master of non'! :) I must say I enjoyed looking back at my older post, as you forget the things you have made in the past. There was one recurring theme I noticed though, I like working in the square card format, but now being a brand new owner of a Grand Calibur, that could very well change ;) If I had to pick one thing out, it would be I use clean lines a lot, but is that "a style".

I think it is down to you to decide. What do you think? Have a quick look at this slide show of a small selection of some of my projects and I'd love to hear what you think my style is

Happy crafting

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


  1. I couldn't get into your video... I don't think you have a particular style, you're very talented & use lots of different styles x

  2. I couldn't see the vid either.....I love your different styles. I think it's good not to be in a 'rut' with designs xx

  3. I think you have a creative style, because you make all sorts of papercraft goodies.

    You have a lovely blog.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xxx

  4. Sorry Hun, I couldn't get into your video either it come up with the comment "This video is Private" LOL.

    I think you are like me and I would say my style if very eclectic! I can do clean and simple, but I also love to mix different styles of cardmaking too.

    With crafting do you really need to have a style? I do what I think is pleasing to the eye and your are so talented it doesn't really matter.

    Linda xxx

  5. My video settings was on private...oops! I have amended now xx

  6. beautiful cards xx linda xx

  7. style is so difficult to define! I love so many techniques and ideas that I would find it so difficult to answer that question! xxx

  8. Hi Debbi, I agree with Linda, no one style really sits well with a crafter who can adapt to create whatever the occasion requires and to know what appeals to the recipient. Whatever you do, keep doing it!


  9. An interesting read, I think that you have various different styles and use them all brilliantly. Its good to have different styles and be able to work them well xx

  10. Eclectic and stylish!!! Definitely! Lea xx

  11. You have a vast variety of styles all your creations are beautiful with great eye for detail. I love all you work I gain so much inspiration, your such a talented crafter. It's great to be versatile and adapt to the occasion needed, I enjoyed reading your blog post and watching your video.
    Hugs Rachael xxx

  12. Whatever your style Debbi, I like it Px

  13. Gorgeous projects. I don't think it is necessary to have a style, just go with what pleases you and will please the person you are giving it to.

  14. What ever style you are they are all fabulous. Chris xx

  15. Hi, I would use the words eclectic, elegant and sophisticated x You are able to turn your hand to many things and I think variety is better than having one sole style xXx

  16. Beautiful style & I agree with Jane I can't peg myself either so just dont lol :D

    Ger xxx

  17. Definitely eclectic - but easy on the eye - beautiful projects

  18. All your cards are fab hun, each one is different and gorgeous in their own way.
    Becky x

  19. Well i cant say what style you have but they are all great - just go with the flow

    Joan x


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