Sunday, 6 May 2012

Life is and song, so why not sing along... (Prompt #5)

Hiya cafty friends,

Today's prompt is:

"Lets look at other ways to inspire YOUR mojo. Todays blog prompt is Create a card or a scrapbook page inspired by your favourite song or a song that you have recently listened to. Do the words mean something?, where does the song take you?, what mood does it put you in?"


I love listening to music when I am crafting. I always have the radio or a cd playing in the background. It certainly sets the scene for my crafting.

craft stock...check...
♪♫♪♫ music ...check...♪♫♪♫

If it is not the radio, and being a big fan of Will Young, it is usually his music playing in the background. And at the moment it is his latest album 'Echoes' being played a big percentage of the time :)

The design for this card came to my head quite quickly, whilst looking through the song list.

The song is called 'Hearts on Fire'

And with me seeing him live at the end of last year. This was one of the many songs that I loved hearing live. So it brings back some really good memories of the night.

Obviously the use of hearts was a must, and I knew I wanted to use red to represent the 'fire' aspect of the song title

I did some stitching with black cotton, to pull the hearts together, and I must say that was the longest part of the card to do and it was hand sewn. It took AGES!!!!! But I am quite pleased how it ended up. Even though my shoulders are now aching :/

The sentiment was hand written, using the songs title. The gems were clear, but I recoloured them with a black permanent marker to co-ordinate with the card colour.

What a nice afternoon I have spent today, with my two favourite things...Will Young and crafting. Couldn't get much better for me :)

Happy Crafting
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  1. Really pretty, loving the hearts and the stitching
    Lindsay xx

  2. Wow, I absolutely love this. Saw something similar made with flowers, in a shop the other day and thought I must try it, but you've beaten me to it. I love the fact you've been brave enough just to keep to 2 (darkish)'s fab and certainly looks like it's on fire!

  3. This is really beautiful.... what a lovely way tospend an afternoon... i hopeyour shoulders are better x

  4. Great card love the way you have stitched the hearts xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh WOW Debbi this is fabulous! Loving all the hearts and the stitching looks fabulous. I love Will Young and you have chosen a brilliant song.

    Linda xxx

  6. Well, Linda, looks like that's another thing we have in common :)

  7. Stunning the aching shoulder is deff worth it as your stitching really sets it off, love it. I've also seen Willl Young live at Sheffield arena he's fab love all his songs. Hugs Rachael xxx


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