Saturday, 7 April 2012

Meet the design team - Part 1


1. Tell us a bit about yourself...
My name is Debbi, and I come from Manchester, England. I am qualified in Childcare and Education. I am the owner of the ‘Cards Galore Blog’; I initially started the blog, in the beginning, for basically something to do, as I am not working at the moment due to suffering from severe Social Phobia. I am really loving blogging and I can’t quite believe how much it has grown; to having its own challenges, design team and sponsors. I would never have believed it in the beginning. I really have a lot to thank my blog friends and design team for. You have helped me in ways I never would have dreamed, thank you! 
2. How long have you been crafting for and how did you become a crafter?
I think I have always crafted really, even back to when I was a kid making things with my mum. I think I’d say I’ve been a serious ‘crafter’ for about seven years now after attending a couple of craft classes.
3. What is your favourite craft to do?
Mmmm.., now that is a hard question. I like to dabble in a variety of crafts, but paper crafting is by far my favourite and everything that comes along with it, but, I do tend to do card making much more than anything else.
4. Do you work in the craft industry?
No, but I really would love to. Even just working in a craft shop would make me happy as punch 
5. What is your favourite craft technique?
Mmmmmm... another hard question. (I wouldn’t mind, but I set the!) I must say I LOVE using my die cutting machine for die cutting and embossing. It’s such a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference. If I had to choose a ‘technique’, it would have to be stamping as you can do such a variety of things and I love to experiment.
6. Who is your favourite crafter and why?
I have two really, there is an American Crafter called Becca Feeken but she isn’t very well known here. She never fails to amaze me with what she can do, especially with Martha Stewart Punches and Spellbinders. My other favourite crafter is Barbara Gray from Clarity. What she can do with ink is amazing!!!!
7. Why did you want to become a Design Team member?
Well, as owner of the blog, I had to be a member really, didn’t! 


  1. ~Thanks for telling us a bit about yourself Debbie.....glad to know crafting has improved your 'love of life'. And thanks for starting the cards-galore's helped me 'while away' many pleasant hours....:) xx

  2. Lovely post and great to know all about you X

  3. Aw Hun this is fabulous! Are you going to get all your design team to answer these questions?

    Linda xxx

  4. Loved reading this Debbi. Great blog and challenges. xx Jan

  5. Ahhh what a lovely story hun. I'm proud to be part of the team. Huge hugs xxxx

  6. Nice to get to know a little more about you hun, thanks for sharing with us
    Lindsay xx


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