Monday, 9 April 2012

Ultimate blogging challenge

Hiya crafty friends,

Recently I signed up to 'Ultimate Blogging Challenge', but as it started I thought to myself "This doesn't really apply to me as I crafter..". But after watching Emma Collins video and taking her advice, I realised that with a little tweaking it can apply. So here goes...I am starting a bit late (day 8...oops) but I am hoping to join in each day.

Today challenge was to write a review of a book/magazine...

As a crafter I love looking through all the card-making magazine for inspiration, techniques (and if it has a lovely free gift, even better). For some reason I never really looked at a magazine called 'Craft Stamper', and I couldn't really tell you why I overlooked it.

Whilst waiting for someone, who I was meeting for in a newsagent (like you, I took the opportunity to have a look at the craft magazines. All the magazines I 'usually' get drawn to didn't really catch my interest (or I already had but then I saw the Craft Stamper magazine (May 2012 issue) and I quite liked the image on the front so decided to have a quick flick through. Firstly, and this sounds a tad strange I, I liked the feel of the cover. No, has a silky feel to it.

What I always like in a magazine is a free gift, and with this issue there is a vintage style flower stamp.

The initial flick through in the shop I quite liked what I saw, so decided to buy it. It was priced at £4.50.

The magazine itself is professionally put together and very clear to follow. What I particularly liked was that there was plenty of step-by-step photographed instructions for the project inside (in which there was quite a few), and had clear 'Materials' listed for each project too. As a crafter you like to know what has been used so you can get the same look.

There are a few projects in this issue that I have never attempted before, and are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I would like to have a go as I do like the results.

I also like the section 'Over to You!', which invites readers to submit there work that follows themes with the magazine. There is also a very good website attached ( with quite a large selection of resources.

For a magazine that I have overlooked in the past, I really enjoyed reading it and will definitely be adding this to the list of magazines I 'flick' through in the newsagent before deciding which to buy, and I can see myself buying some future issues.

I hope you enjoyed my first ever review, and let see what the Ultimate blogging challenge holds next.

Happy crafting

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  1. Fantastic! This is an interesting post...getting your opinion on magazines on the shelves. Wel done you! In your blog post try and use as many key words as if you wanted to look for a craft magazine review in Google think about what you would type in your search - card making, techniques, free gift, step by steps... And make sure you include those KEY WORDS in your blog post. So think about those key words in your next post x


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