Sunday, 15 January 2012

My homemade Promarker storage

Hi crafty friends,

For awhile now I have been pondering how best to store my Promarkers, so they could be portable too. I've seen many ideas on the internet but they didn't quite fit what I wanted (or my pocket). Whilst at a craft shop that I don't go in very often, as they don't sell a lot of the stuff I want want. I came across some paintbrush rolls and thought to myself that I think I could make something from them for my Promarkers. With them only being £1.50 each I bought myself a couple to see if it could be done.On putting some Promarkers in one of the pockets I found out that each pocket holds 3 markers (except for the two end pockets that have large eyelets on them. So in all one roll holds 58 markers. So to house the whole Promarker collection I would need two and a half roll, so I went and bought a thrid roll (even though I haven't got the whole collection yet :) ). As the third roll is not completely filled with the collection, there is plenty of room for any new additions to the Promarker range (as there is 6 more coming out son I hear), or other pens you may want to keep with them. 

On filling the pockets with the pens I still found them to be slipping out a bit so decided that elastic may help this out. After a search of Ebay I managed to win a large roll of elastic for not a lot of money.

Now this was the time consuming bit as. I sewn two lengths of elastic so there was three loops above each pocket, if you know what I mean. Just make sure the 'loop' is big enough for the pen to fit. This made the pens stay where they were.

I also found that if you fold then in half and pull it round into a circle and attach to the ends using hook and eyes, it is great for when you are colouring (sorry my hand is holding it in this photograph. I haven't got the hook and eyes

Then when you have finished at rolls up neatly, so it's portable.

I'm really pleaded how it came out in the end and all my Promarkers are all safe and sound (an organised) ready for when I need them :)

Happy crafting


  1. This is amazing hun welll done and thanks for Sharing xxx

  2. WOW Debbi this is amazing well done. TFS

    Linda xxx

  3. What a great idear Debbi :)
    I might have a go at makeing storage for my Pro markers. I have some elastic, just need to find something to store them in.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thaks Sally xxx Hope you manage to find something xx

  4. Wow what a fantastic idea Debbie its great.
    Hugs Rachael xx

  5. That is genius!! Love the way you can use it for when you are colouring and for transporting them etc! x


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