Saturday, 18 June 2011

Big bite II tip video....

Hi Crafty friends,

A little time ago I was very lucky to be given, by a friend, the Big Bite II, which I was very excited about. I played and played with it, but could never quite get the grommets where I wanted it, so back in the cupboard it went :( (Which I'm sure we have all done) but whilst making a card last week I decided I really wanted to add some grommet so decided to blow the dust off my Big Bite II and have another go, and yet again the grommets would not go where I exactly wanted them, as you have to work blind. Well, I thought to myself 'there has to be a way...' and after a few (unsuccessful) trails I came up with this idea (I'm not saying nobody else has, but I've never come across it before). Because it quite hard to explain my ideas in words, I thought I'd have a go at making my very first video tutorial...eeek! How nervous was I :)

Well here is the fruits of my labour but please remember this is my very first try at making a video and I hope to improve the more I make them. I hope it is helpful anyway, so please let me know :)


Well, here is the card I used this technique on, which enabled me to place te grommet exactly where I wanted it to, in the centre of the flower and I found it very easy to do. So no more working blind...yeepee!!!  :)

Happy crafting x


  1. Great video!
    Blessings Bernie

  2. Love this card - very elegant colours... oh & thanks for the FB Like! Jane from Aldridge Crafts.


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