Monday, 7 May 2012

Life through the camera lens... (Prompt #6)

Hiya crafty friends,

Creativity Club Blog Prompt #6
Todays prompt is:

"Let's think further afield in the craft world...let's think about photographs. Don't worry if you're not a pro, don't worry if you have never scrapbooked before, let's just take a moment to reflect on our photographs, on our memories and share.
Today's blog prompt is to post up on your blog your favourite photograph. You don't  need words, the photograph can say a thousand words... If you are super brave and really want a challenge then think about scrapbooking your photograph onto a 6"x6" page or onto a card as a sentimental card."

Hiya crafty friends,

The photographs I have used are of my two nephews, as they are two of, my many, favourite photographs

The photo that inspired the scrapbook page:

The photo that inspired the scrapbook page:

Not much writing on this post, the prompt say

"A picture can say a thousand words"

Happy crafting

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


  1. They are fab great scrapbook pages xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Adorable pics of your nephews love how you have put them into scrapbook pages, this is something I might try soon.
    Hugs Rachael xxx

  3. You scrapbook page are Fabby and tell the story so clearly.

    Love and hugs

    Annie xx


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