Thursday, 12 April 2012

*Meet the Deign Team - Say hi to Marleen*

1. Tell us a bit about yourself...
Hmmm, Before I am anything else, Im a mum.. I have 3 Wonderful children. Emma 8, Michael 6, and Abbie 20 month. Emma and Michael are as crafty as I am, and have a place on a DT themselfs.
I am married to Kevin who is my best friend, and biggest fan. We live in Ireland, where Kevin is from, but I come from Denmark. I am know to speak danish when I get really cross :-)

2. How long have you been crafting for and how did you become a crafter?
I started making cards, shortly after Emma was born. My sister came over to Ireland for a visit and she had just started making cards, she showed me how and the rest is history so to speak. In 2008 i started to do scrapbooking as well.

4. What is your favourite craft to do?
The only craft I do, is cards and scrapbooking. I do love decorating the house as well, but its a far more expencive hobby, so I stick to paper most the time...

5. Do you work in the craft industry?

Well, I have just started to do demo's in my local craftshop. I would love to really work in the industry, but as my children are still quite small, I cant work full time yet. I work on several Design Teams, so pretty much all my spare time is about crafting.

6. What is you favourite craft technique?
My favorite technique has to be distressing. Any kind of distressing will do. My favorite tool of the trade is cheep nailfiles from the pound shops. They can be used for so many different things..

7. Who is your favourite crafter and why?
Hmm, I dont really have a favorite. I have gotten to know so many fantastic crafters on-line. Everyone is so talented, but all so different, and thats what I find so fantastic about paper crafting. With the same materials, no 2 crafters, will ever make the same.

8. Why did you want to become a Design Team member?
What I love about working on DT's is that it sets me a challenge. It widens my creativity.


  1. Lovely to read all about you Marlene :) x

  2. Sorry spell check changed your name! Marleen !

  3. Hi Marleen, great bio!

    I'm a fan and love what you create for Cards Galore!

  4. Lovely interview Marleen, lovely to get to know more about your online crafting buddies. :)

    Linda xxx

  5. Hi Marleen very nice to meet you x


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