Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Part 3 of my three video techniques card-Even border punching around a page

Hi Crafters,

Well, this is the final part of my three part video series. This particular technique was not mine but was worked out by the very talented and clever Becca from Amazing Paper Grace (I hope you don't mind Becca. I just had to give it a go). There is a much better tutorial over on her page.

I must apoligies, as you will notice, that one of the corners is a bit 'off', but it was a bit hard to do presice measuring when you have a camera and tripod right in front of you...lol! And I only noticed after editing...oops!  I'm sure you all will do a much better job :)

I really enjoyed making this card and I will be posting the final project later today

Happy crafting

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