Saturday, 7 July 2012

Guest Blogger - My Crafting Life by Linda Simpson

Good Morning All

Debbi & Marleen asked me to write a piece about my crafty life so far for their blog.  I feel totally honoured that they asked me and I thank them for all their support as they are my design team buddies at Cards Galore.

I have decided to talk to you about my crafting life since meeting the fabulous Kay Rutter of "The Hougie Board" fame.

I met Kay in August 2009 when she did a workshop near my home.  I had only seen Kay a couple of times on Create & Craft and went along.  In fact it was at a time when I was not poorly but had found a lump in my breast and as you can imagine it was a worrying time.  It turned out to be cysts but as they say for something bad that happens something good is just around the corner.  It was my hubby Rick who encouraged me to go and for that I can't thank him enough!  He has always supported me in my hobby.

I went to the workshop and met a lady there called Linda and we became great friends.  Now if any of you have been to a Kay Rutter workshop you know that there are lots of giggles and you come away feeling "Yes, I can do that".  Well Kay and I hit it off straight away.  At the workshops Kay concentrates on teaching new designs of cards and you don't actually complete a card by that I mean decorate it but she always says that these are templates to take home and keep in a box called ideas which you can dip in and out of.  I did do that and still have my very first templates.

I went to quite a few of her workshops and my friend and I went down to Kettering to do a workshop down there.  We met ladies from her own craft group and we had a fabulous day.  Linda and I chatted all the way there and back.  We said that only crafters would get up at 6.30 on a Saturday morning to travel down for a workshop.  But it was worth it.

From then Kay asked me to do some of the shows with her near to where I live.  You can see Kay and I at Leigh, Harrogate, Leeds Armoury, Birmingham NEC.  I did the Trade Show last November and from that show 3 UK companies asked me to do design work for them.  I am eternally grateful to Kay for seeing my potential as a crafter and giving me the confidence to get out there so to speak.

This is Kay and I at the Trade Show last November.  I must say we had a ball.  She is so genuine and we really have a great working relationship.

I am also on the design team for Kay and I was priviledged to be asked by Kay to make samples for her Wedding book that came out earlier this year.  Below are a few samples of the cards I have made using the fabulous Hougie board and I bought my board from the first batch to be released.  I wish Kay continued success as she a lady who is always working and trying to get hold of her is very hard!

The top 3 are samples I made last year.  I love my big cards so took the stepper, Art Deco and Spring card to the next level.

The above 4 are samples I made for the Wedding Book for Kay.

I hope you have enjoyed my article about my crafty life with Kay.


  1. So nice to read your story, good luck with your future crafting. x

  2. wow!! A stunning collection of creations. Wonderful designs and lovely detailing



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