Wednesday, 2 May 2012

5 reason Why You Should Craft (Prompt #1)

Hiya crafty friends (but todays post is not strictly for you, but my non crafty friends. Read on and you will see why)

The lovely Emma, the manager over at  Docrafts Creativity Club and set all us Creativity Club members a challenge. For the whole of May I am taking part in the Creativity Club Blog event. Where each day we are given prompts to post about on our blogs.

With the themes being craft orintated, I thought I'd get involved at it was the perfect opurtinity to expand my blogging.

So, without further ado, todays prompt is :

"So today's prompt is all about telling non crafters, your friends and family why they too should try card making or scrapbooking or any other craft that YOU love to do."
Title today's blog post - 5 reason Why You Should Craft

Well, it's not very hard to guess how much I love crafts, as I have made it very obvious on my Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest :)

So why do I love it so much? And why should you think about having a go too? Well, here's my 5 reason why:

1. There is so much choice! There is some to suit everyone under the umbrella of 'Crafts' from card making to knitting, from scrapbooking to cake cake-making/decorating, sewing to painting. I predominately do card making and papercrafts, but also like to experiment too. So the choice would be yours. What every tickles your fancy. There is plenty to choose from  :)

Phone case
Paper flower
Painted box

2. Friends...I can truly say I have met (virtually and in person) lots of lovely people, who are crafters too. There is a huge community of crafters out there, and from my own experience they are friendly, helpful and kind. I know I have a very good friendship with each of my very talented design team...


3. Making special unique things for you family and friends - You can make things that are unique for the special people in your live, that you would never find in any shops and you can personalise them too. 

For a new born baby, personalised with the baby's name and  date of birth

4. Creativity - Because there are sooooo many crafts out there you can let your creativity and imagination run wild.  You can make the ordinary, interesting and uniquely you. And that's what it is all's part of you. Whether it's a gift or your making it for yourself.

Christmas xmas wallet

5. I just love to craft and I know you will too!!!

Click here for more graphics and gifs!


  1. Fantastic post! Love hearing your reasons to craft, let's hope we all convert a few non-crafters! Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog!

  2. Great post! Really love your xmas folder - any chance you could blog a tutorial for it please?



  3. Of course I can Amanda. Just give me a little time to put it together

    Thank you for your kind comment xx


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