Saturday, 21 April 2012

Meet the Design Team - Say hi to Barbara

1. Tell us a bit about yourself...

I’m 58 outside, but feel 25 inside J
I live in a small Wiltshire village just a 10 minute train ride from the wonderful World Heritage City of Bath, with my wonderful (very patient) partner of 20 years, Alan and our German Shepherd Finn. I have 2 fantastic sons from my first marriage, Nick (30) and Adam (27), and since Christmas, a gorgeous daughter in law, Emma…….they are my ‘reason for living’!
I‘m originally from Durham…..The rest of my family still live ‘Up North’, I miss them but see them as often as possible.
I’m a qualified Hairdresser, ( I still cut and colour my own hair ), I was a Slimming World manager for 10 years, and have numerous nutritional diplomas, but my  most favourite job was as an Ann Summers party manager. I did that for 7 years and still laugh when I think of all the wonderful times we had. J

2. How long have you been crafting for and how did you become a crafter?

I was about 4 yrs old when my mother taught me to hand-knit, she was a wonderful knitter.  I can also crochet, and I’ve made all the soft furnishings for every house I’ve lived in. When the boys were small I made all their clothes, and mine too.
When I was 15, mam bought me a knitting machine (I was spoilt rotten) and within a few weeks, I was making and selling machine knitted garments to friends, family and customers.    This continued all through the boys’ childhood, instead of going out to work, and I had a fabulous cottage industry going on.

3. What is your favourite craft to do?

I didn’t start paper-crafting and jewellery making until 2007, after a massive family trauma. Typical of me though, I went out and bought everything I needed for BOTH hobbies at the same time, spent a fortune, and still have some of it here, unused. (I’m a compulsive spender)!
 Card-making soon took over my life and it’s now the only thing I do.

4. Do you work in the craft industry?

 I sell at craft fairs and have lots of customers who buy just from me……..I make a nice living out of it, so can’t complain. I’ll never be ‘in profit’ though, as I spend every penny I make L

5. What is you favourite craft technique?

I love die-cutting, and have about 55 sets of Spellbinders, along with every other make of dies……but I’m now buying loads of stamps and really enjoying getting inky fingers.

6. Who is your favourite crafter and why?
Without hesitation, Sue Wilson from Creative Expressions, I love all her creations.
Ali Reeves is a close second, as she get ‘messy’ with inks!
These are the only 2 crafters I watch on TV.

7. Why did you want to become a Design Team member?

I promised myself that I was going to push myself a bit harder, and get noticed.  Started my blog, and just hoped crafters would like what I did… far it’s worked! x


  1. Lovely interview, it is nice getting to know your fellow crafters.

    Linda xxx

  2. Nice to mwet you Barbara x

  3. Hi Barbara,
    absolutely wonderful story! Love all of it. I know hat you mean about how you feel on the inside and I promise I too will grow up day. Lovely to meet and look forward to seeing lots more of your creativity on Cards Galore.


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