Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Basic exploding box tutorial…

Hiya crafty friends,
Sorry I have been AWOL lately Embarrassed smile Life has been a bit hectic, but I'm back and raring to go now :)

After posting the wedding exploding box I made recently (Wedding Daze Part 1...) I have been asked by a few people if I could show how to make a exploding box. So I thought I'd first show you haw to to make the basic box itself, as decoration is purely down to who and what you are making it for. But I will decorate mine and post that too, at a later date

Exploding box tutorial
An exploding box is made up of three layers and a lid. So firstly we will start with the layers
1. Cut a piece of card 21cm x 21cm
2. I used a hougie board to score all the way down at 7cm and 14cm respectfully.
clip_image004  clip_image006
3. Turn the card 90 degrees clockwise
4. And score again at 7cm and 14cm
5. Now, as you can see, you are left with a grid. Cut out the four corner squares.
And you will be left with this cross shape

6. The same process is repeated for the next two layers using the following measurements:
Layer 2
· Cut card 19.5cm x 19.5cm
· Score at 6.5cm and 13cm
· Turn 90 degrees
· Score again at 6.5cm and 13cm
· Cut the four corner squares out

Layer 3
· Cut card 18cm x 18cm
· Score at 6cm and 12cm
· Turn 90 degrees
· Score again at 6cm and 12cm
· Cut the four corner squares out

1. Cut a piece of card 15.3cm by 15.3cm
2. Score all the way down at 4cm, then turn 90 degrees clockwise
3. Score again at 4cm and turn 90 degrees clockwise
4. Repeat this twice more, and your card will look like this.
5. Take a wedge out of the small corner square, as shown below then turn 90 degrees clockwise and repeat in the next small square
6. Repeat this two more times and your card will look like this:
7. Next, fold and crease, using a bone folder, each of the score lines
clip_image028  clip_image030
8. Turn the card over, so the ‘right’ side is upwards (the side of the card you want to be on the outside of your lid) and place strong double sided tape to the four tabs in each corner.
9. Take the backing off the double sided tape on one of the corner tabs and fold inward
10. Bring the side of the lid upward to join the tab and line the edge of this with the fold of the tab, lining them up as close as you can and stick together.
clip_image036  clip_image038
11. Repeat with the other three corners and you now have a lid.
clip_image040  clip_image042
12. Now take the three layers we made at the beginning and fold and crease each of the scored lines.
clip_image044  clip_image046
13. Take the largest layer and place strong double-sided tape within the scored square.
14. Place the middle sized layer on top, making sure it’s within the larger layers scored square as shown in the picture below.
15. Place some more tape within the scored square of the second layer and repeat the process with the third and last layer
16. clip_image054  clip_image056
17. Bring all the four sides up to form a box
18. Place the lid on top, and there you have your exploding box, ready to decorate however you like Smile

Happy Crafting

Debbi x


  1. Fantastic! Great Tutotial. I'm giving this a go

  2. great tutorial will be giving this a go....thanks 4 sharing:) x

  3. Fabulous Debbi, Kay would be very impressed :)

    Linda xxx

    1. I forgot you know Kay :) Glad I haven't shown her Hougie Board up. If she does see it, could you let me know what she thinks :) I know, I'm cheeky ;)

      Hugs x

  4. Thanks v much for this. I have been using a tutorial from a magazine but the measurements they gave were not only in fractions of an inch but they were also wrong! This box lid is much much better than the magazine version too. Marie xXx

  5. WOW FAB tutorial hun, thank you for sharing I been meaning to try this in ages but never had the guts... I will give it a go tomorrow as i have a crafty day planned. BIG hugs xxx

  6. Great tutorial, Debbi, thanks, Vee xx


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