Monday, 21 November 2011

Busy crafting week...what fun!!!! :)

Hi Crafty friends,

I off to my second Christmas workshop tomorrow...woohoo! :) It was suppose to be last week, but the demonstrator was very poorly. So I have three workshops this week, instead of two...yay! Still very nervous about going but also really excited too (it still confusing me that the brain can feel/think two opposing things at the same time). But you know how the saying goes "Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway". And that is what I am doing (or trying to do) at the moment. Anyway, enough of my boring life hurdles, back to crafts :)

Tomorrow I'll be making Christmas decoration. If this doesn't get me in the Christmas mood, nothing ;) Thursday is a Stampin' Up Holly Berry Bouquet Workshop, and Saturday is a Christmas gifts workshop. So lots of crafting this week...yay! :)

So there will be lots of blog post this week (you'll be sick of me by the end of the!) and I think I will have permanent sticky fingers this week

Happy Crafting x

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