Sunday, 17 April 2011

My first swap card...continued

Why is it your head can be full of ideas most of the time, but when you come to sit down to make something like this, your minds a blank? Well, that's what happen to me...

I found out about this card swap from Facebook and got in contact with the lovely lady who is running it. As this was the first time I had done anything like this, I wasn't sure how it worked, but everything was explained and I set to work...well...that was the plan anyway.

The theme was 'Wings of nature' (birds, butterflies, bee etc) using the colours green, yellow and blue. I got to work on my card, trying this, trying that, but it just got to the point where I didn't like it at all. So that one went out of the window.

My second attempt seemed to be working out better and was going along quite smoothly. I have managed to finish it, although I am not totally happy with it. Following a strict theme was harder than I thought, but I suppose I will get used to that the more I do it and I am also used to adding more dimension, but as it is being sent through the post, I had to keep it to a minimum. Anyway, enough talk. Here it is...eeek!

Sorry the pictures is a bit dark. I had trouble photographing this one for some reason.

Happy Crafting

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  1. I think it looks fabulous and can't wait to see it, so pleased you're taking part in the card swap x thank you, anyone can join in I'm on Facebook Dawn Heald x


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